19 Jul 2014

Your family is hard on the carpet in your Frisco home, aren’t they? Seems like no matter how many times you tell them to take off their shoes, they just keep tracking in all the dirt in Texas. And if you have pets, the problem can get even worse, your carpets get dirtier and smell bad too. There’s only one way to overcome the problem and that’s a professional carpet cleaning by the best service in Frisco, Master’s Touch Carpet Cleaning.

You may have tried to use other cleaning solutions and techniques to get your carpet clean, but it didn’t work as well as you thought it would. There’s one way to guarantee good results, that’s a professional cleaning. Master’s Touch Carpet Cleaning uses the time-tested process of hot water extraction, also called steam cleaning. It’s a simple, yet effective process that involves spraying the carpet down with hot water and a strong cleaning solution. Immediately after, they use a very powerful vacuum to pull the water, dirt and other nastiness out of the carpet.

They know that it is the best way to accomplish the deepest clean in your Frisco home. When your carpets are cleaned using this process, it actually helps to restore them to an almost new condition and it’ll make them last longer too. How can cleaning make your carpet last longer? Easy, the water and heat stiffen up the fibers of the carpet that have been trampled by everyday use. Nearly every carpet manufacturer recommends hot water extraction to keep carpets clean and to make them last longer. For most carpets it’s best to have them steam cleaned at least once every 18 months, and more often if they get excessive traffic.

The same forces that work to get your carpet dirty also affect the upholstery on your furniture, don’t they? You love them, but your pets, kids and even company all lead to stains, smells and less than fresh furniture. The good people at Master’s Touch Carpet Cleaning will get them clean and fresh in no time. They’ll even apply fabric protectors to help ward off future stains and smells. Why replace your old furniture when a thorough cleaning will make them look and feel like new?

When you call Master’s Touch Carpet Cleaning, the friendly staff will set up an appointment to come to your Frisco home as quick as possible. Don’t spend another day living with carpets that look messy, dirty and that smell bad. Help is just a phone call away!