19 Mar 2017

Carpet Cleaning Plano

Carpet cleaning in Plano Texas, Your family and pets are rough on the carpet, furniture and tile in your Plano home, aren’t they? Between tracking in everything they walk through outside, spilling countless drinks, dropping food and having accidents, it’s a never ending battle to keep it clean. Life is messy, kids are messy, pets are messy, but your carpet doesn’t have to be. There’s one company that can help you clean it all up fast and for less money than you’d expect. Master’s Touch Carpet Cleaning are experts at bringing your carpet, upholstery, tile and grout back to like-new condition.

The reason that Master’s Touch Carpet Cleaning is the best company is that they use hot water extraction, also called steam cleaning to get all the nasty dirt and germs out. They start out by using an environmentally friendly pre-treatment spray to help to loosen up stains and dirt. Next they use very hot water over 130º. Next they use a very powerful industrial strength vacuum to pull the water, dirt, bacteria, pollutants, germs, odors and other gunk right out of the carpet. This is the only true way to get the deepest clean in your Allen home.

Carpet Cleaning Plano TX

Carpet Cleaners in Plano, the Carpet manufacturers don’t just recommend that you have your carpets cleaned like this, but most require it on a regular basis for warranty purposes. Companies like Du Pont actuall require the use of hot water extraction cleaning as part of their warranty coverage. If you ever have to make a claim on the warranty, they’re going to want to see records of consistent cleaning. In order to keep your warranty valid, you’ll have to schedule cleanings for every year and a half at a minimum. You may even want to have them done more often, especially if your carpet gets heavy traffic.

Carpet Cleaning Plano Texas

The professional Master’s Touch Carpet Cleaning don’t just clean carpets, upholstery and tile, they’ll also clean your air ducts. Over time, dust, dirt and allergens collect in all the corners and crevices of your duct work. Whenever you turn on the air conditioning or heater, it all blows out the vents. That’s not healthy for anyone. Thankfully, these guys know how to take care of it fast and effectively so you can breathe easier.

They’ll even help you out in case of an emergency like a water leak, they’ve got all the equipment and they know how to use it. No other carpet cleaner in Plano Texas can do all that at such affordable rates. Give them a try, you’ll be glad you did.